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Make Data Breaches History…

Cyborn’s first solution, Ionburst, utilises game-changing innovations in data security and privacy. We have devoted many years to intricately architecting and creating this paradigm shift. The result is a robust and dynamic Data Privacy Protection and Resilience Software-as-a-Service (DPPR), Ionburst.

Ionburst flips the asymmetric advantage that hackers have by breathing life into your data on a file-by-file basis, making every file completely unique, like a strand of DNA. Our unique security transforms each piece of data giving it a minimal, dynamic attack surface, protecting your organisation’s data and high-value intellectual property from loss, theft and mishandling – whether from an accidental or malicious actor. Data Breaches? They will be a distant memory.


Why Cyborn?

Protecting People & Their Human Rights

We believe that Data Privacy is a 21st Century Human Right. That’s why our Ionburst innovation focuses on empowering and realising this right for organisations big and small, and for people concerned with online data privacy. Ionburst delivers data privacy like never before in today’s online ecosystem.

Experienced Data Security Specialists

Our journey to solve a very real problem began years ago. Cyborn’s founder Dr David Lanc was victim to the fallout of a data breach exposing his personal information. In the process, he identified a crucial challenge underpinning the digital world and the way data is protected and kept private.

He began the building a core team of computing engineers to solve this challenge, including HCI professionals, enterprise architects & data privacy experts. Today the same core team remains committed to Cyborn’s success.

Over a Decade of Innovation

Cyborn’s pipeline of innovation in data privacy has been designed, developed and refined over the last 16 years. We work tirelessly in anticipating and engineering countermeasures against potential threats within new waves of still-evolving technology, such as machine learning and quantum computing.

Built on Scottish Engineering Heritage

While we are an international business, we are proud of our Scottish innovation and engineering heritage. Scotland’s engineering legacy is the envy of the world. From James Watt’s pioneering role in the Industrial Revolution to Thomas Telford’s roads, bridges and canals in the Highlands, Scottish engineering achievements have made a global impact. At Cyborn we’re proud to build on the shoulders of giants and plan to harness this innovative spirit and approach within our data privacy innovations.


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Discover how Ionburst can enhance your digital businesses data privacy security. Ionburst has the unique ability to guard and defend your vital corporate IP.